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Our extensive range covers single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses, allowing you to choose the perfect lens for your vision.

We are able to provide lenses with high index materials that make the lens thinner for increased comfort. Most lenses can also be tinted for prescription sunglasses with transition lenses also available.

All lenses can be provided with a multi anti-reflection coating which improves the cosmetic appearance of the lens and the optical performance. Particularly beneficial for VDU users, night driving and highly short-sighted patients.

Our Rodenstock DNEye Scanner can provide up to 7000 measurement points which can be transferred into your own individual lenses if we think it will benefit you.

To help you choose the best lens for your vision, our qualified Dispensing Optician will take the time to discuss your individual requirements.

We supply lenses manufactured by Rodenstock, Transitions, Hoya, Essilor and E-Scoop® - an advanced lens developed especially for people with macular degeneration, but, as independent opticians, we can get any brand of spectacle lens available on request.

Single vision lenses provide the ideal solution for those with short or longsightedness. These lenses have the same magnification throughout and are available in high index materials.

Bifocal lenses can vastly improve your vision by providing corrections for both distance and reading vision. The two lenses allow you to view distant and close objects whilst wearing the same pair of glasses.

Varifocal lenses also combine long and short distance viewing in the single lens.The focal power on varifocal lenses is graded in three levels from the top to the bottom of the lens allowing you to comfortably see all distances without changing your glasses. Varifocal lenses are produced using the latest freeform technology, making them easier to adapt to.

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